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Julian Bermudez for District 9 Supervisor Campaign Website


My Message To The Residents of District 9

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My name is Julian Bermudez and I am here to make history as we take back our
neighborhood. Constantly our residents are not heard, left in the dark, and not given the
proper attention they deserve. Too many of us have been told to shut up and get back to
work, and the change that does happen keeps spiraling downward.


That’s why I’m running for District 9 Supervisor.


A son of the Mission, with my family’s
modest business Rancho Grande Appliances serving this community for over three decades, I am a young College-educated veteran whose roots are here, and I want to see true growth. You can speak to me, be heard and I will be more than your advocate—I’ll challenge the status quo and raise your voices so high that we can’t be ignored. District 9 deserves a leader who will live through the policies they create and be accountable for them. If you’ll have me, I will be that leader for Portola Bernal Heights, the Mission, and residents across this city.

It's time to get loud and be heard. Vote for Julian Bermudez for District 9 Supervisor.

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